Russian Sportscaster, Sprinkler Battle To Draw In Exhilarating Showdown

Evgeniy Evnevich, a correspondent for Russia’s Match TV, had just begun his dispatch on the status of CSKA Moscow midfielder Kristijan Bistrović when a devilish sprinkler began to pursue him.


Though he seemed all but certain to face swift defeat at the hands of this torrent, Evnevich managed to hold his own for quite a while before he suffered what seemed like an irreparable dousing. But then, miraculously, Evnevich mustered a comeback, continued with the report and was in decent—if wetter—spirits for the remainder of his update. Well-accustomed to his enemy’s guile by this point, Evnevich was unfazed when the sprinkler tried a last-ditch uppercut to the head, bobbing and weaving accordingly.

A true professional, showing proper respect to his opponent.