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Illustration for article titled Russian Teens Decapitate Homeless Man And Play Soccer With His Head

The teens, who were also drunk, apparently used an axe, saw and knives to separate the man's head from his body because "they didn't like the look of him." Thus begins an occasional feature we'll call What the fuck, Russia?

Accounts vary, and Russian investigators later denied they played soccer at all, but initial reports are the two scalped and played soccer with the dead man's head until it rolled into a garbage can at which point they headed back home, apparently covered in blood. Moscow police were able to track the two suspects back to an apartment building and found what they believe to be the murder weapons thanks to a trail of blood leading from the body. The apartment was also covered in blood.


The investigation is ongoing—"identification of the dead man has been hampered after his head was taken away by a garbage truck"—and at least three other teens are alleged to have been present but not involved in the murder.

What the fuck, Russia?

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Moscow teens decapitate homeless man, then play soccer with his head: cops [NY Daily News]

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