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Rutgers Center, Not Used To His Team Scoring, Punches Quarterback In Celebration

Early in Saturday’s game against Boston College, Rutgers quarterback Artur Sitowski connected with wide open running back Raheem Blackshear, who took off for a 74-yard touchdown and got the Scarlet Knights tied up 7-7.

Rutgers center Michael Maietti, who rarely finds himself in the position of his team having scored, did not quite know what to do. Watch very very closely, and you can see him racking his brain for an old episode of Friday Night Lights or one of those NFL’s Greatest Games clips, desperately trying to remember what’s supposed to come next. Punch the quarterback? Yeah, just play it cool, sock him clean in the head. That seems right.


(I wondered, briefly, whether this was a choreographed celebration, using carefully deployed stage combat techniques. But Rutgers wouldn’t bother with preparing a touchdown celebration, surely? That would be a total waste of time.)

Hopefully some kind grad transfer from Clemson took Maietti aside and gently explained to him how these things usually work.

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