After the video surfaced this afternoon, Hobbs apologized and claimed that he showed up because he wanted to try and calm the apparently unruly students down.

“My first concern is always for the safety and well-being of our students,’’ Hobbs said. “Anyone who was at the (student tailgate) Saturday knows that I was acting to ensure that.’’


“I regret that any action on my part can be interpreted as promoting the use of alcohol,’’ he said. “That was certainly not my intention.’’

The Rutgers University police chief, who is somehow named Kenneth Cop, said that he and his department issued citations to four people. Hobbs apparently arrived as they were being given out and decided he had to make the ill-fated trip up an impromptu stage.


Rutgers didn’t say anything about whether or not they’d reopen the tailgate, or what kind of beer it was.