Ryan Braun Would Like To Help You Grease Up Your Wardrobe

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Those searching relentlessly for a t-shirt designed to better accentuate spray tans, distressed jeans, and forearm skull tattoos owe the Brewers left fielder an exploding fist-bump.

Braun, plus his Brewers teammates, came out to support his REMETEE launch party in Milwaukee to help support his company's new line of Jabroni-wear.And don't for a minute think that Braun's just in this to clothe his MMA buddies and teammates. Nope, he's got REMETEE (sounds like "remedy" — not "Ream Tea") positioned for world domination:

"We definitely want to become a full high end fashion line in the future," Braun says, expecting one day to include dress shirts, blazers and jackets, "I want REMETEE to be a respected line."


Mad respect, Brauny. Mad respect.


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