Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Finally Ryan Fitzpatricking

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Oh boy. Last weekend Ryan Fitzpatrick was strutting around like a Times Square Conor McGregor impersonator, looking very secure as Tampa Bay’s starting quarterback after consecutive 400-yard performances. It’s now halftime of his team’s Monday Night Football matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Fitzpatrick is looking much more like, well, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ball security is an issue! Fitzpatrick had a pass tipped for an interception at the Pittsburgh six-yard line in the second quarter. On the very next drive, following a penalty, Fitzpatrick had some kind of miscommunication with a receiver and threw a ball directly to Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds:


The Steelers offense failed to convert either of those turnovers into scores, but unfortunately Fitzpatrick wasn’t done turning it over. On the very next possession, with the Buccaneers pinned at their own two-yard line, Fitzpatrick made a horrifying decision under pressure and lofted a wobbly pass into traffic:

That was Fitzpatrick’s third interception on three consecutive passing attempts. The Bucs are getting their dicks karate-kicked off, 30–10, at the half. Jameis Winston is set to be reactivated from his suspension for groping an Uber driver this week. Safe to say this second half will mean an awful lot for Tampa Bay’s quarterback situation.