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Ryan Kerrigan leads the NFL with four sacks, which is impressive because he didn't have any last week. (Playing the Jaguars is good for the soul and for the stats; Washington racked up 10 sacks of poor Chad Henne.) On his first and fourth of the afternoon, Kerrigan went into a squatting, flexing celebration that looked familiar to anyone who grew up watching the WWF.


Afterward, Kerrigan explained that his teammate has been bugging him for a while to break out that move.

"[Linebacker] Will Compton has been in my ear for a while to do the Shawn Michaels from HBK. All he's been saying is, 'Do the HBK.' Finally, I did right by him and hit the HBK a couple of times. The second and third time, I didn't do it. I got some hell from him. After, he said to me, 'Why didn't you do it? You need to trademark it!' I told him, 'Well, I can't trademark it, it's HBK.' But that's where it came from. You can thank Will Compton."


Here's one of the videos—in profile— of Kerrigan doing his thing, via Scott Allen of DC Sports Bog.

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