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Ryan Leaf: Demoted, Promoted Or Just Sad?

If you were watching the Las Vegas Bowl between BYU and Oregon last night — and who wasn't? — you might have seen a sideline interview with none other than former Washington State Cougars star Ryan Leaf. (He is also known by some for his postcollegiate endeavors.) Leaf's brother is the quarterback at Oregon, so it was nice of him to stop by and, you know, completely curse the Ducks.

Anyway, during the interview, Leaf talked about how he has been working as an unpaid quarterbacks coach at Division-II West Texas A&M for the past year. (West Texas A&M. Wow. That name really needs a "State" at the end of it.) And then he revealed that, in 2007, he expects to be paid there. As quarterbacks coach? Nope; a year of having Ryan Leaf as quarterbacks coach — for free — apparently wasn't enough to lift the spirits of the West Texas A&M crew, so instead, he's taking over as the school's golf coach.


So, to reiterate, rather than have Ryan Leaf coach its quarterbacks on a volunteer basis, West Texas A&M is paying his to coach golf. Right now, famed Chargers fan The Mighty MJD is bashing his face into something blunt.

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