Ryan Lindley: A Football Life

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After just three games, Ryan Lindley has lost the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback job. John Skelton's back on Sunday. Let's take a moment to remember the three weeks when one special sixth-round rookie from San Diego State taught us all to dream big. Lindley:

  • Completed 50 of his 103 pass attempts, good for a 48.5 percent completion rate. The lowest completion percentage for a qualifying QB in the NFL this year is 54.7 percent, owned by the man that will be replacing Lindley, John Skelton.
  • Threw for a total of 448 yards, or 149 per game. His 4.35 yards per attempt was a yard and a half shorter than John Skelton's 5.91, which is once again the lowest among qualified QBs.
  • Did manage to pick up one sweet tackle... off of one of his six turnovers (five interceptions, one fumble). He probably should still work on his tackling, though: Three of his turnovers were returned for touchdowns, including the one pictured above.
  • Those three touchdowns matched the total number of offensive touchdowns the Cardinals scored in the games Lindley started. He did not throw or run for any of them.
  • Compiled a 40.8 passer rating, which, if he qualified, would once again put him behind last-place John Skelton. If ESPN's QBR is more your thing, Lindley's score of 6.8 would be a full two-thirds lower than Skelton's 19.3, which is still the worst. Still using QBR, Lindley's starts ranked 337th, 372nd, and 379th out of 384 QB games this year.

So what does Lindley have on Skelton? Well, he got to go to school in San Diego. Also, his head isn't shaped like a goddamn alien's. That's all gotta count for something.