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Ryan Miller's Olympic Mask Unveiled

Designer Ray Bishop has released images of the mask that Ryan Miller will wear in Sochi, and it is America all over.

Featuring a fearsome bald eagle on the left and a muscular Uncle Sam on the right, it's largely an update of the mask that served Miller so well at the 2010 games. But the backplate is where Miller gets some personal touches in.


Those are matryoshka dolls of Miller, his wife, and his dog. In the background, a clock face set to 5:01, "Miller Time." (He had it spelled out on the 2010 edition, but the IOC forced him cover it up because it could have been taken as an advertisement.) There is a silhouette of a lizard at 1 o'clock, an image Miller has worn on all his masks as a reminder not to think, but to react.

The only question left is how much ice time Miller's mask will actually see. He's been his usual dependable self this season, but Jonathan Quick has been on fire since returning from injury, and the Team USA starting job is probably Quick's to lose.

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