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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

What happens when you cross Million Dollar Baby with The Miracle Worker? You get this; which we suppose is video boxing, but could also be a clearcut case of demonic possession. We blame two things for these deeply troubling images: The new wireless Wii remote, and Title IX. Clearly there are flaws with both.

There is a new web site that is keeping track of all the damage caused by Wii remotes; it seems that the wireless devices are being accidentally hurled into household objects with alarming frequency. has begun tallying the destruction, among which so far are eight broken television screens, assorted dishes, and a ceiling fan. As for our video boxer, however, it appears that all she has damaged is her dignity. From the site:

Hands down favorite part is the faint cry of "Where's the stop button?" My dear, once you've tasted Wii wonderfulness, there is no stop button.


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