According to one unhappy Mariners fan, the security guards at Safeco Field almost got her tossed her out of a Mariners game last week because she was "making out" with her girlfriend in the stands.

The offended lez, Sirbrina Guerrero, a Tia Tequila cast-off, as pointed out by another man who's most likely made out with a Seattle lady or two , tells Seattle's KOMO (rhymes with...) news that she wasn't making out, just pecking, "And he (the security guard) goes 'there's a lady whose son says he saw you guys making out, and I did, too. And you have to stop.' And I said 'well, we weren't making out, but we were kissing and I'm not going to stop.'"

Well, they had to stop the offending girl-on-girl peck-fest, or they would, according to the security guard, "have to leave."

Guerrero and her ladyfriend stopped, but then proceeded to photograph hetero couples pecking away in the stands without any hassle.


Safeco didn't comment on the story, but did send the KOMO news their stadium policy which specifically states "displays of affection are not appropriate in a public family setting."

Hmm, looks like Safeco's going to have to have one of them there "diversity" nights in order to keep the pink triangle protest posse from showing up the next home game.


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