Saints Execs Claim Tom Benson Is Still An Active Owner

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Saints team president Dennis Lauscha and general manager Mickey Loomis spoke with the New Orleans Times-Picayune yesterday, and claimed that team owner Tom Benson is not a mentally feeble puppet being manipulated by his wife, as has been claimed in a lawsuit filed by Benson's recently jilted heirs.


From the Times-Picayune:

The 87-year-old owner's daily involvement is such that he was apprised of the various coaching changes the Saints executed after their disappointing 7-9 season and he was even told about the recent signing of free-agent cornerback Delvin Breaux.

In fact, team president Dennis Lauscha and general manager Mickey Loomis said they continue to discuss affairs with Benson, who has owned the Saints since 1985 and Pelicans since 2012, multiple times daily.

"I talk to him every day, just as I have for 15 years," Loomis said. "He talks to me about the same subject matter: The status of the team. And after the season: What are the issues? How are we going to fix the issues?

"Nothing's changed here."

"We tell him when we fire and hire people," and "We talk to him about stuff" aren't exactly ringing endorsements of Benson's mental acuity. Benson may very well still have all his wits about him, but you can relay information to and have plenty of discussions with old people who aren't all there.