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Can we go back to making fun of New Orleans fans again? Because I'd really like to, since thousands of them were turned away from the Saints' preseason opener after tearing the bar codes off their tickets.


It was the worst chaos at the Superdome since...well, let's not complete that sentence. But it was quite the scene last night, as season ticket-holders were outsmarted by their season tickets.

You see, the tickets look different than they did last year. The bar code is apparently in a different place. You know that bar code? The ones that anyone who's been to a sporting event in the last five years knows they need to scan to let you in? Saints fans tore that part off.


First fans were turned away, then gradually let in as staff cross-referenced their names with the season ticket-holder list. Finally, with one minute to kickoff, they just said screw it and let everyone in. All this fuss for a meaningless game against the Bengals?

It's a new ticket this year," Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said. "A lot of people did get in with the bar code properly torn and some people didn't. The people who didn't were allowed in through Gate A and they just tore the ticket."

But Bensel warned fans: "Be more careful. Look at the ticket and see where the perforation is. You have to include the bar code. Each ticket must have a bar code.''

I'm going to assume he said that in the tone of voice you use to talk to a 5-year-old.

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