Saints Player Who Parked In Handicapped Spot Now Pariah To Many Fans

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Safety Usama Young parked in a handicapped zone was ticketed, charged, and released. Yet, some fans will never forgive him for those few seconds he left his car idling in the blue area in front of the AT &T store.

Personally, I always get a little agitated when able-bodied people swing into the handicapped parking spots even for a few seconds, but I'd say the outrage never escalates to more than a head shake. And Young's apology — "I am sincerely sorry. I will never park in those spots again. I know there is no excuse for my actions, but I promise it will never happen again.'' — seems adequately sufficient given the nature of his crime. Not to NOLA readers, though. Nope, some people will never cheer for Usama Young ever again.

Sorry to hear about this. people who park in handicapped spaces, double park, park in the drive-thru, etc. are my pet peeves. i think it shows a total lack of respect for other people. might seem petty to some, but i am no longer a fan of usama young.

He can redeem himself by getting 6 interceptions and forcing three fumbles this season. If he can do that, then all is forgiven. If he doesn't, then he has to spend 200 hours working at a Vets rehab unit after the season.


Another idiot who's been coddled because he's a professional athlete. I remember when athletes were someone to idiolize. It's a shame. Being scrutinized in the media isn't anything new for athletes. It's just now they think they are above the law because so much of what they do is hidden under the rug unless someone finds out about it.I don't think a one game suspension would send the appropriate message. Maybe a 1/2 season and then put on the disabled list. Then maybe he could "justify" parking in a handicap spot. What an idiot.

• did y'all see all the appearances he was making on behalf of the Saints on First Take and the NFL Network? He came across as a really nice guy, I guess it was all a front. You can't park in a handicapped space no matter what and being out at that hour and speeding in Harahan is really, really stupid. Like slumbyball said, my respect level for this doosh bag went down a lot. what an idiot


• My impression of Usama Young just went down a few notches. I have a family member that is handicapped having lost his legs in a tank while serving this country. He needs those handicapped spaces. They are there for a reason. Whenever I see someone parking in those spaces that does not have authorization I tend to let them know it. An abled bodied NFL player like Young is being nothing but selfish and thoughtless by parking in a handicapped space. I suppose he thinks he is privilaged and above the law. You can walk you frikkin moron. Save the spaces for the handicapped. Then he doesn't even show up for his court date. To all out there that think it's ok to park in a handicapped space even if it's just to run in and run out it's wrong. Get a clue idiots. I hope Young garners a large fine from the NFL and a one game suspension for violating the personal conduct rules for NFL players. In my book, he's a piece of chit.

He's a total piece of chit. I wonder if the Saints organization should prepare for the throngs of wheelchair-bound former fans protesting outside the Superdome before the opener. Maybe Young should seek out some guidance from Tony Dungy to help him move on from this incident.


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