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Salma Hayek Gets Stood Up For Ball-Juggling Lesson

Salma Hayek got a good priice for David Beckham, compared to what MLS paid for the British soccer star. All Selma's waiting for now is Becks to come through with a soccerball juggling lesson she paid for during a charity auction. One problem, Beckham has left for Europe, and nobody knows if he's ever coming back.

Last February, the star of Frida, Desperado, and Having an Enormous Rack, bid over $350,000 - beating out Vogue editor Anna Wintour - at a charity auction in New York City for the Raising Malawi nonprofit (co-founded by Madonna) for a one-hour ball training session with Becks (that can mean oh so many things, can't it?). Sadly, her people, A-Rod's people, and David's people just can't seem to get on the same page for a time…to give her ball training.[...] With Becks off to Milan in the winter, Salma Hayek may have to wait even longer for this sexplosion of footy to take place. On the same token, you know there is no way that Becks ain't returning to MLS with that waiting for him.


This is what happens when you rely on British men for anything. Madonna should have fully disclosed that going into the auction. Salma Hayel Waiting For Becks [Dirty Tackle]

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