Sammy Sosa Reportedly Tested Positive For PEDs In '03. Whatever.

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Sammy Sosa was among the players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, The New York Times is reporting, a revelation that means nothing whatsoever unless you care about Sosa's Hall of Fame chances or the Fourth Amendment.


The Times' Michael Schmidt, who's sourcing the story to "lawyers with knowledge of the drug-testing results," writes:

In a recent interview with ESPN Deportes, Sosa, 40, said he would "calmly wait" for his induction into baseball's Hall of Fame, for which he will become eligible for induction in 2013. But his 2003 positive test, when he played for the Chicago Cubs, may seriously damage his chances of gaining entry to the Hall, a fate encountered by McGwire, who has attracted relatively little support from voters in his first three years on the ballot.

The 2003 positive test could also create legal troubles for Sosa because he testified under oath before Congress at a public hearing in 2005 that he had "never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs."

The real outrage here, as it was with A-Rod, is not who's on the list but who's doing the leaking, a story that for obvious reasons The New York Times will not be writing. You'll remember that those tests results were supposed to be confidential — a perfectly reasonable expectation of any employee who submits to a drug test — yet now they're trickling into public view, merely because somebody wants to remind you to care deeply about steroids in baseball again.

The lesson for all Americans: Just say no to drug tests.

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