Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB's morning news features a regular segment with shitty "morning zoo" jocks from the local megacorp-owned mass communication dinosaur that is an FM radio station. Usually these segments are unfunny, marginally offensive, and interesting only to those who have suffered brain trauma or attended an SEC school; this morning, though, was different. Oh, it was unfunny and marginally offensive, for sure. But it also featured some dude's balls hanging out of a lingerie costume he wore onto the TV news set, a pair of gonads broadcast from Presidio Hill to Point Loma and well into northern Mexico.


KFMB's camera operator tried to point the lens elsewhere to spare viewers the trauma, but the radio freak simply adjusted his stance and thrust his genitals higher into the frame—and, later, hopped just to make sure you could continue focusing on his junk.

h/t to Joey

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