Photo credit: Gregory Bull/AP

Joey Bosa’s nearly monthlong holdout is over. The rookie defensive end and the San Diego Chargers finally agreed upon a contract, the team announced today. Financial terms of the contract were not disclosed.

At issue was apparently small details like offset language and bonus deferrals, as the much more consequential things like contract length and guaranteed money are mostly pre-determined by the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. But the Chargers are a notoriously petty organization, and dug in against their own number three overall draft pick to avoid the possibility of having to pay him a small amount of money a few years in the future if they cut him.


Anyway, the Chargers made the whole ugly dispute public, Bosa’s people ripped them, the whole of the NFL laughed at how dumb the Chargers were being, and finally, just 13 days before their season opener, the Chargers have their man.