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San Diego Residents Find Their Street Littered With Obscene Objects: 600 Chris Denorfia Bobbleheads

Illustration for article titled San Diego Residents Find Their Street Littered With Obscene Objects: 600 Chris Denorfia Bobbleheads

What are you even supposed to do with one Chris Denorfia bobblehead, let alone 600 of them? That’s the dilemma a group of San Diego housemates faced when they went outside one morning and found 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads dumped in the middle of their street. Not knowing what else to do, they called the cops, who couldn’t have given less of a shit.


Via NBC 7:

The police department sent an officer who took a report, but advised the group to simply help out their HOA and clean the mess up.


Being decorated amateur detectives, the group figured there was no way these were just regular bobbleheads. Who would just have 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads lying around? What if they contained ... drugs!

“We opened them up expecting to find something a little more nefarious” Jia said, referring to when they first opened the bobblehead boxes.

“We thought it was from a drug cartel or something,” echoed roommate Jalena Lau. “But when we went through them they were just regular bobble heads.”

Yeah, not so much. But even after learning the Chris Denorfia bobbleheads weren’t sweet secret drug caches but just Chris Denorfia bobbleheads, they still scooped up half of them. Did they do anything cool with their 300 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads, though? Nah.

The roomates give them away to co-workers, friends, and family members, but the bobbling Denorfias still hold a hefty presence inside their home.

A huge stack lines the front entry and another pile sits under the inside basketball hoop.

“Actually we had a huge Halloween party and a lot of our friends came over and it was kind of a like a present we gave out to everyone,” said Lau.


If I showed up to a friend’s house and they tried to give me a Chris Denorfia bobblehead, I would be insulted.

[NBC 7]

Screenshot via KNSD; h/t Ryan


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