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Santonio Holmes Already Becoming A Fine Replacement For Plaxico Burress

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Former Ohio State receiver and Pittsburgh Steelers #1 draft pick Santonio Holmes was arrested in South Beach early Saturday morning, and unfortunately, it was not for masturbating in a public library. He's charged with disorderly conduct, and police say that he disrupted traffic and was verbally abusive to a police officer at 3:30 in the morning. He was released from jail after signing a promisory note. Here are two different sides of the story, from the Columbus Dispatch:

Holmes told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he stepped off a sidewalk to avoid a crowd outside a restaurant when a police officer yelled at him. When he asked the officer why he yelled, he was arrested.

"I wasn't trying to cause a problem," Holmes told the newspaper. "I'm upset about this."

A police report said Holmes was obstructing traffic. The officer wrote, "I gave the defendant (Holmes) a verbal order to get out of the street and the defendant began to say several offensive words and he refused to get out of the street. The defendant's actions caused a crowd to form and traffic to come to a stop."


So it's hard to tell what actually happened, and hopefully, at some point, the truth will surface. Either way, it doesn't seem like Santonio is going to be in that much trouble. His mother would probably agree, and also seems to be in some sort of denial. She claims that her son is studying in Ohio, and that whatever happened in South Beach is a case of mistaken identity. Maybe she should consider putting a leash on him.

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