Sarah Silverman Helps Kick Off Deadspin's Second Attempt At Comedy Week

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Some of you may notice how we've attempted to initiate some theme weeks into our editorial content this past year, including topics that have little or no connection to sports whatsoever. Last April's Comedy Week was our first trip into this uncharted territory, done in conjunction with our former friend Sarah Silverman's book, The Bedwetter. It did not go over well.


Now, here we are, more than a year later, all the more wiser, more humble, set to let bygones be gone and start anew. And it only felt right to extend an olive branch to Sarah, to let her know that we'd be honored to have her help us with this year's Comedy Week. Here's her response:

I was super happy to do that thing last year and had so much fun doing it I went long (having no idea it wasn't going through) and to wake up to that cunty blog was such a shitty fuck you. People say brutal stuff about me all the time, of course, but not people that I thought were peers and friends.
So, ya, I pretty much have no interest in illuminating anything that happened or happens on your site or bringing a single new pair of eyes to it.
Eat a dick,

Sarah Silverman

Thank you, Sarah!

But even without her participation, I'm confident there will be other stuff you'll find amusing. Comedy Week is being curated by our friend Luke X. Cunningham, so if it sucks, we'll blame him.


Also, if you are a professionally funny human being for a living and would like to promote yourself on the site this week, just reach out to us and we'll try to find a spot for you. Actually, please do that.

Email us here with the subject "Comedy Week" and make this site more entertaining for everyone involved.

Off we go.