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Sarah Spain Calls Out Numbers Never Lie For Useless Knicks Talk

On today's episode of Numbers Never Lie, espnW's Sarah Spain filled in for Jemele Hill to debate with Michael Smith and Jorge Sedano. One topic involved the Knicks, who aren't in the ongoing NBA playoffs. In so many words, Spain justifiably wondered why the fuck they were talking about the Knicks.

The question was, "Should the Knicks be kicking themselves [that] they didn't get the 8th seed?" I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes, the Knicks are not happy that they missed the postseason and don't get to play a weirdly inept Pacers squad.

Spain understandably didn't give a shit about the Knicks, because they aren't playing. She voiced her opinion in more ESPN-friendly words, though. An excerpt:

The Knicks are not playing, OK? I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm from Chicago, but this is the East Coast bias that people talk about. The NBA playoffs are going on, there's tons of matchups to talk about, there's actual teams playing in the playoffs, and you guys want to talk about whether the Knicks should be mad that they didn't make it, should be kicking themselves. Well, let me tell you something, Knicks fans, come here. Come here, Knicks fans. You're out. We're not gonna talk about you for a while. Just sit over there and wait 'til the playoffs are done, OK? Buh-bye.


Can you guess the next talking point after Spain's venting session? Hint: It wasn't not the Knicks.


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