SB Nation fired part-time social media editor and blogger Jacob Price Wednesday after he went on a tweetstorm over the weekend about a May 2016 arrest for allegedly choking his then-girlfriend. The charges against Price have since been dropped.

Price, who goes by @ohholybutt on Twitter, spent the better part of last Saturday tweeting his version of events, in response to his ex-girlfriend’s tweets about the incident. They’ve both deactivated their Twitter accounts, with Price bringing his down today. We’re told Price’s tweets were the first time SB Nation learned about the arrest.

In one tweet, Price’s ex-girlfriend claimed he “pinned me down with my own arm against my throat.” Price was arrested May 21 in Indianapolis and held on a number of counts, including battery, strangulation, resisting arrest, interfering with reporting of a crime, and cruelty to an animal. A copy of the police report was not available to Deadspin Wednesday, as Indianapolis police department said they can not send documents electronically.

Charges were dropped against Price, who claimed in his tweets that his ex-girlfriend lied to police and that he talked her out of admitting they were false in order to protect her. Price’s ex-girlfriend, in her tweets, claimed charges were dropped because she refused to cooperate with a subpoena because she wanted to save the relationship and did not want Price to go to jail.


Here are Price’s since-deleted tweets from Saturday:


Price’s ex-girlfriend, in her tweets, gave an opposite characterization of whose money was spent and by whom.


In a statement, Vox Media, which owns SB Nation, said:

Jacob Price was a part-time employee at SB Nation for the past year and a half, as a social media desk writer. His social media behavior was not aligned with the standards we expect from employees working in a public-facing social media role, and his employment with SB Nation and Vox Media was terminated. We can not comment further on employee matters.

Neither Price nor his ex-girlfriend responded to emailed requests for comment.