Some 26-year-old Edmonton woman has started an online petition to rally opposition to the Oilers having cheerleaders. As of this morning, 509 people had signed. Five-hundred and nine people who probably want to bring prohibition back.

Fine, we're talking about Canada and they have Elsinore in their veins, but please don't say this is a "Think of the children" type thing.

Petition author Lisi Monro, 26, says a cheer team would ruin the longtime traditional experience at Rexall, and the sight of scantily clad cheerleaders on the ice is not part of the hockey culture in Canada.

"This isn't appropriate for a Canadian hockey team to have this kind of entertainment," said Monro. "I don't think this is hockey. (This type of entertainment) doesn't represent the tradition of the game."

I know what you're thinking, so here's a matchmaker tip: Lisi likes what flags on hills represent during folk festivals. And troll dolls, apparently. [Edmonton Journal]