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A reader sends along these photos from the LeBacchanalia in Vegas. No naked ladies, but there is a man floating away to some casual Friday in the sky, and everyone seems to teeter precariously on the verge of fist-bumping everyone else.

Reader Ross writes in:

I was in Vegas this weekend for my Girlfriend's 21st Birthday. As a result I was forced to attend (and pretend to enjoy) two consecutive nights at several of the nightclubs on the strip. My saving grace? The clubs packed with NBA Stars (and mid-level role players) all weekend.

We were at Tao on Friday night (Lebron was supposed to be the club host that evening). The club was packed and they were selling cocktails for $14. As a result we left the club only a short time after entering and before I ever got a glimpse of King James. On a side note, I spotted Shawn Marion walking up the stairs of Tao as we were leaving and my Girlfriend got the chance to shake his hand (I assume he blew out his back in the process of taking the picture attached).

Saturday night our group split up and tried some different places around the strip. Two of my Girlfriend's friends ended up at Lavo. Somehow they wound up standing within a few feat of the King himself for most of the night. They had a brief conversation with CP3 (although they indicated to me the next morning that they had no idea who he was at the time. I promptly informed them.) I've attached their James picture from Lavo [photo #2 here]. You can see the top of his head in the bottom center of the photo. Too bad the sign reading "KING" wasn't written in Comic Sans.

Anyway, I'm curious if the I-Team can dig up any more photo's from the King's Vegas weekend.


Thanks to Ross and Colleen for the photos


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