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Scot Pollard Encourages The Kids To Smoke Crack

Cleveland Cavaliers forward/center/whatever-he-is Scot Pollard has a message for all you kids out there, and he wants to make sure you see it in prime time.

Nobody has ever confused Cavaliers center Scot Pollard with Nancy Reagan. And the former first lady, famous for her anti-drug message, would not have been amused had she seen Pollard look into the camera during Sunday's telecast of the Cavs' game against the Indiana Pacers and say, "Hey kids, do drugs."


First off, he kind of looks like Nancy Reagan in that picture. Pollard, for his part, has apologized for the remark, but we know he really meant it, and that the Cleveland Cavaliers would like their young fans to shoot heroin. The truth, sometimes, slips out.

Cavs Apologize For Pollard's Drug Joke [Cleveland Plain-Dealer]

(This site is loading video of the remark.)


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