Scott Mitchell Is Not Happy About The Fact That Lomas Brown Let Him Get Injured In 1994

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Last week, we told you about former Lions offensive tackle and current ESPN NFL analyst Lomas Brown admitting to intentionally blowing a block in the hopes that his team's quarterback, Scott Mitchell, would be knocked out of the game with an injury. Brown's plan worked. Mitchell left the game with a broken hand after being hit during the play that Brown left him unprotected.


Now Scott Mitchell has become aware of Brown's shenanigans, and he is pissed. Here's what he had to say to USA Today Sports:

I was floored by that revelation. I had Lomas in my home. I fed him dinner. I gave him and other offensive linemen gifts. I'm dumbfounded that he would do such a thing. I mean, people get hurt playing this game. People have died playing football, and for him to allow someone to take a shot at a teammate, that's crazy.


That was my first year in Detroit, so Lomas barely knew me. If he had a problem with me, he could have come to me, man to man, and said so. Be a man about it. But to mess with someone's livelihood like that, to mess with their family and their health, that's reprehensible.


Mitchell certainly has a point. Trying to actively injure a teammate is always a dick move, as is bragging about doing it years later. Then again, acting like a dick seems like the best way to stand out and get noticed at ESPN, so maybe Brown is just being a savvy media personality.

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