You know it's a bad sign when you're fired on Christmas Eve, and nobody even bothers to give you the obligatory, "aw, the guy got canned right before the holidays" comments. Yeah, it's safe to say Bulls fans aren't going to miss Scott Skiles all that much.

Many said the team quit on Skiles โ€” particularly Ben Wallace, who totally shouldn't have to play hard, what with that four-year, $60 million deal โ€” but it was rather obvious that it was just a matter of time.

Was there a player revolt in Chicago? We may never know. What you notice with the player interviews is a lack of outrage that Skiles is gone. You hear a few "blame should go around" comments, but not a lot of regret. Mostly you hear players concerned about what this means for their immediate future, as they try and figure out whether or not they're trade bait. If there wasn't a revolt, and there may not have been, few tears were being shed when the cameras showed up for a touching holiday story. If you couldn't get any theatrical tears, there probably aren't many to be had.

It's a little early to figure out Skiles' replacement, but we think it's awesome that Pete Myers is the interim coach. Myers, famously, was the guy who took over Michael Jordan's spot in the lineup after his (second) retirement. Bulls fans are going to start ducking every time they so much as hear his name.

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