Chicago Bulls head coach Scott Skiles, taking a page out of David Stern's playbook, bans players from wearing headbands during games. Ben Wallace, Chicago's prize free agent acquisition, likes to wear a headband during games. Last night, the heated and emotional issue came to a head.

Wallace entered the game with a headband on, but Skiles didn't notice the evil effects of it until 2:02 had elapsed. At that point, he pulled Wallace from the game. Ben took the headband off and played out the first half, but when the second half began, he took the court with the headband on again. Skiles again yanked him from the game before play could start. Chicago hasn't seen a brazen act of defiance like that since Bill Wennington had his chest hair permed and frosted.

It's hard to imagine what Skiles has against headbands, but hey, those are the man's rules. You have to wonder if Ben Wallace is regretting signing with Chicago. His numbers right now are the worst they've been since 99/00 with Orlando, and had he stayed in Detroit, Flip Saunders would probably let him take the court in a coat made from bald eagle feathers before he said anything.

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