Scottish Captain, Two Others Kicked Off Team In Middle Of Rugby League World Cup For Being Too Drunk

Photo credit: Mark Baker/Associated Press
Photo credit: Mark Baker/Associated Press

The Rugby League World Cup is underway in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, but the Scottish national team left captain Danny Brough and two other players behind in Christchurch today as the team flew to Brisbane because they were just too drunk.


Brough and teammates Sam Brooks and Johnny Walker (heh) were reportedly sozzled when they showed up to board the team plane Sunday after the Scots lost 74-6 to New Zealand the day before. Scottish Rugby League chairman Keith Hogg said all three players were “very contrite” and acknowledged they’d “over-stepped the mark.”

Brough is a three-time Super League MVP who has captained Scotland since 2008. That said, we understand why one might have a few after being knocked around by the Kiwis for 80 minutes.

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