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Sea Creatures, Soccer Powers Battle For Supremacy

Paul, the Berlin octopus has correctly predicted every German match so far, and he's picking them over Argentina. Sayco, the Argentine dolphin, thinks otherwise. Gentlemen, choose your slimy undersea prognosticators.

Supposedly, Paul the octopus had an 80 percent track records at the Euro Championships two years ago, and is 4-for-4 so far (including a German loss). He "chooses" winners by selecting a mussel from one of two glass jars, emblazoned with the flag of the participants. On Tuesday, he went for the German mussel:


So, all the smart bettors put their life savings on Germany, because, you know, the octopus said so. But suddenly: a challenger appears. Sayco, a dolphin in Mar del Plata, Argentina, made his choice yesterday by bopping one of two country-colored balls suspended above his pool. Ever the homer, he chose the blue and white ball.

So who's it going to be? The cephalopod seer, or the clairvoyant cetacean? Answer: never listen to the dolphin. They're the jerks of the ocean, and are probably just fucking with you.

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