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Seahawks Coaches Don't Mind Marshawn Lynch's Mom Calling For Darrell Bevell's Job

The Seahawks’ predilection for theatrics generally works well for them—they’re winning, after all, and nothing can be too deleterious when you win. Which is why, if you’re a fan of drama, this team is going to be fun when it starts losing. The lighthearted controversies will turn histrionic, and there will be a lot of them: this is a team where things like the star running back’s mom calling for the firing of the offensive coordinator are just taken in stride.

Marshawn Lynch’s mother, Delisa, wasn’t happy with the game plan in Seattle’s 34-31 loss to St. Louis, and she wasn’t happy with the final play of overtime, which saw her son get stuffed on a fourth-and-one. It was evocative of the Super Bowl and the decision to pass, and Delisa Lynch seemed to hint in her Facebook post that Sunday’s call was deliberately made to retroactively justify the championship-losing playcall. She also called for Darrell Bevell’s job.


(For the record, the Rams knew a handoff to Lynch was coming because they had seen and got beaten on the same formation earlier in the game.)

Yesterday was press conference day for the Seahawks coaches, and naturally they were asked about Lynch’s mother’s comments. They played them off as just a mom being a mom.

Pete Carroll:

“I haven’t seen the actual comments, but mom looking after her kid. There ain’t nothing wrong with that.

“There’s a lot of passion with our following and the 12s and with the family members. Think where media is today. It’s kind of your guys’ world. But anyway. Just something that I’m sure she has strong feelings and I don’t blame her for having strong feelings. She’s a mom.”


Darrell Bevell:

“I’m glad we have passionate fans. It comes with the territory. I played quarterback, and that guy’s going to get more credit than he deserves, and people are going to be on him when you don’t win. So same with what I’m doing. I’m totally confident in what I’m doing. I’m totally confident that I’m trying to get our team in the best position to win. And I’m glad that she’s passionate about it.”


This stuff is easy enough to laugh about—imagine if the local newspapers reported on your mother’s Facebook posts—but there’s a surprisingly large contingent of Seahawks fans who blame Bevell for the team’s woes. But there have been so few woes! Bevell’s playcalling is unsexy and predictable, and he’s an easier target for fans’ wrath than is Carroll or any of the players, but this is a team coming off of two Super Bowls and are near-favorites to make a third. What more do you people want? Do you not remember anything before the Mike Holmgren era? (Oh that’s right, you probably don’t.)

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