The Texans were on their way to a blowout victory, until they weren't. The vaunted Seahawks defense was playing terrible, until it wasn't. Matt Schaub was a surgeon, until he was a goat. That game was weird.

For the majority of this game, it looked like the Texans were on their way to an easy, season-defining victory. Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster spent the day carving up the usually suffocating Seahawks defense. The Seahawks surrendered 146 rushing yards to Foster and Ben Tate, and allowed to Schaub to hang 355 yards and two touchdowns on them, making Schaub the first quarterback to throw for over 300 yards against Seattle in the last 11 games. On the other side of the ball, the Texans were blowing by the Seahawks' injury-depleted offensive line and keeping Russell Wilson on the run. The Texans were up 20-3 at halftime.

Seattle was able to scratch out 10 more points in the second half, but it still looked like they were doomed. A Johnathan Joseph interception gave the Texans the ball with 4:00 left, and Arian Foster looked ready to grind the clock down to zero and seal the victory. And then Richard Sherman did this:

And that's when everything turned. Schaub and the Texans would get the ball three more times—once at the end of the fourth quarter and twice in overtime—and the previously leaky Seahawks defense would return to form, shutting Schaub down. A nifty Russell Wilson scramble and a dumb Texans' personal foul later, and the Seahawks were sending home the game-winning field goal in OT. Richard Sherman is going to be insufferable this week.