Sean Avery's Internship At Vogue Begins

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When we first heard that Rangers left wing Sean Avery was going to intern for Vogue magazine this summer, once the Rangers were finally eliminated from the playoffs, we assumed it was a joke, or some stunt meant to get Avery a seat next to that weird lady with the crazy glasses at Roger Federer matches. But nope: Apparently Avery's really working there.

He started his internship on Monday, and he's already digging in.

Observers say he's involved in all sections of the magazine, including features and accessories, and attends edit meetings. And while Avery pulled down $2 million last year with the Rangers, he's earning minimum wage for his time at Vogue, a magazine spokesman confirmed, denying speculation Avery was being paid $5,000 for his summer job.


You know, we're not sure why those are different: A minimum wage job for the summer is probably gonna be around $5,000, if not a little more. But nevermind that. We hope this means the inevitable bitchfights around the typical fashion magazine office now involve an actual dropping of the gloves. We want the next Vogue cover model to be toothless, and sporting a mullet.

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