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Sean McDermott Is Still Being Weird About Tyrod Taylor

Photo credit: Charlie Riedel/AP
Photo credit: Charlie Riedel/AP

The Bills beat the Chiefs yesterday to improve to 6-5, and currently have a hold on a playoff spot. Tyrod Taylor, who started at quarterback just one week after being benched for a guy who threw five interceptions in one half, had a typically good-but-not-great game, throwing for 183 yards and a touchdown while not turning the ball over.

One would think that head coach Sean McDermott, whose previous decision to bench Taylor for Nathan Peterman will go down as one of the biggest coaching blunders of the season, would be grateful to have his team back under Taylor’s steady hand and back in the playoff picture. That’s not really the pose McDermott struck after the game, when he was asked if he would commit to Taylor for the rest of the season, or at least until the Bills were out of playoff contention. From

“I’m focused on the next game,” McDermott said. “I thought we came out today offensively and did some good things. I told you last week that I did the right thing for this football team and I believe that. What’s important now is what just happened this week and where we’re going next week and that’s what we’re focused on.”

Next week is a home game against the New England Patriots. McDermott was asked if Taylor would now be his quarterback until his team is eliminated from the playoff race, and he balked at the chance to commit.

“Tyrod’s our quarterback next week,” McDermott said.

This is nuts! Again, Tyrod Taylor is nobody’s idea of a Hall-of-Fame quarterback, but he also didn’t recently throw five goddamn interceptions in one half. It should be very easy to pick between those two options for the rest of the season.



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