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Sean Salisbury Fired From Radio Station, Allegedly For More Cellphone Hijinks (Semi-Update)

Sean Salisbury was employed at Dallas radio station 105.3 (who knew!) but apparently he's already out. You'll never guess what the rumor is as to why he was let go.

According to one source close to the station, Salisbury "freaked out a station promo girl after sexting her". Program director Tom Bigby had no comment about the alleged incident but said that a formal press release about Salisbury's dismissal is forthcoming. Damn.


The old number we have for Salisbury isn't working, but hopefully he'll have a comment about this at some point.

From one reader:
I listen to The Fan in Dallas pretty much every day, particulalry in the afternoon when Salisbury is on. About a month ago when the cowboys were preparing to go to camp, salisbury was doing a show on location somewhere. On air he asked out one of the promo girls to go to San Antonio with him to cowboys camp. He got her number off air on commercial break and later bragged on air about getting the girl's number. They even posted a picture of her on the 105.3 website to prove how "hot" she was. I think her name was Julie if I remember correctly. Anyways, no idea if this is the same girl that is making this accusation but I thought this sounded like it could be the same girl.

Sean Salisbury Out At The Fan []

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