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Sean Salisbury Wants You To Get After It

We almost feel guilty posting about this, the scene is so gruesome, but: Sean Salibury has his own Web site now, and the production values are impeccable.

The site is called "Sean Big Mouth Salisbury," and Big Sean is throwin' down. As the site puts it: "As Sean so eloquently states on a regular basis, "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner! GO BIG MOUTH OR GO HOME!!!" Totally! The page features a Blair Witch-esque Web cam video of Sean, looking kind of tired but Ready To Talk Some Football!


The video makes us sad, actually, and a little part of us wants to leave him alone. The site is in honor of Salisbury's late father, inspiring Salisbury's "CANCER BLOWS" shirt, and we couldn't agree more: Cancer DOES blow. But Sean's video, uh, probably should have been screened by somebody.

But don't worry: If you think you can't handle all the excitement, you won't have to deal with it for much longer. The site is free for now, but on October 7 — that is to say, Sunday, it's a "premium" site. So you'll be able to pay for the privilege. Get your credit cards ready.

Sean "Big Mouth" Salisbury ["Official" Site]

(UPDATE: The site has been shut down "for administrative reasons." Does this mean the pay site won't be ready by Sunday?)

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