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Sean Williams Knows How To Make An Entrance (And Exit)

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New Jersey forward Sean Williams went back to his old stomping grounds to see the Boston College-Duke game this weekend, apparently forgetting that a restraining order prevents him from being on the BC campus.

Notice, I didn't say alma mater because Williams was kicked off the Eagles team back in 2007 and then banned from the campus in May of last year. But I guess the appeal of a Duke game was too much to keep him away. Too bad he never made it inside.

When he was spotted shortly after 4:30 p.m. Sunday, police questioned why he was there and police stated, "He started to act belligerent and walk away," the report reads.

Police warned Williams that if he continued to, "act unruly or resist," he would be pepper-sprayed, according to the report....

Williams is accused by Boston College police of writing "(expletive) you" in place of his name on both a fingerprint card and a trespass warning while being booked.


Awesome. If that wasn't enough, Williams blew off his arraignment today, saying his busy schedule with the Nets prevents him from doing silly things like going to court. Then again, he's only appeared in three games since Dec. 12, so his schedule can't be that full.

Judge nixes warrant for Sean Williams on skipped court date [Boston Herald]

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