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Searching For...The Player Who Told Tim Tebow To STFU

One NFL hopeful shocked and delighted the world by telling Tebow to "shut the fuck up" after he requested a pre-Wonderlic prayer. But we haven't yet been able to put a name to the words. That's where you come in.


You probably weren't in that room when it happened. But at least one adminstrator, and a group of players taking the test were. And they'll tell their friends. And their friends will tell their friends.

We're asking you to keep your ear to the ground, and see if you can't catch wind of which player lived out our collective dream. Scuttlebutt at school. Team message boards. Facebook and Twitter. If Tebow really got shut down so profanely, someone's going to brag about it.

What will we do when we find that player? We're not sure yet. Bump him up on our draft boards, sure. Give him a guest column? Depends on his Wonderlic score.

But we will find him. You know what to do.

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