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Sebastian Janikowski Rewarded Himself With A Dip After His Record-Tying Field Goal

Your morning roundup for Sept. 13, the day we decided to sue the people who rescued our dog because they're the ones who subsequently lost it. H/T to readers Christopher and Jonathan for the Janikowski photo. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we watched: There was Novak Djokovic taking out Rafael Nadal in an entertaining four sets. There was Tom Brady throwing for something like 5,000 yards to beat the Dolphins. There was Sebastian Janikowski, pre-chaw, connecting on a 63-yard field goal. There was a home run that went clear out of a stadium, the video of which we'll be bringing your way in a few. And, of course, there was this. As Mondays go, that wasn't too shabby, was it?


Jerry West dishes on Phil Jackson, others in new book: "West re-counts and confirms one of the long-rumored tension points–West says Jackson threw him out of the locker room after a game, personally (‘Jerry, get the f– out, I'm not finished here yet,' West quotes Jackson as saying, though West adds that Jackson later said he didn't know it was West.)
West said he quickly left the locker room and didn't ever respond to Jackson's action.
‘I wasn't going to lower myself and get into a p– contest with him,' West writes." [San Jose Mercury News]


Bob Arum thinks Floyd Mayweather Jr. is insane: "‘You act a certain way [and] you are going to be judged upon it. If you act like you are insane, that is what people are going to think. If you act responsibly and professionally, then people will treat you that way. I guess when you are dealing with Mayweather, you have to stop asking rational questions because maybe we are not dealing with a rational guy anymore. You just have to take it as it is.'" [Yahoo!]

Funny, but Baylor wasn't saying this when it bolted the old SWC for the Big 12: "We should not reject more than 100 years of tradition handed down through the generations without a well-informed, transparent discussion that objectively evaluates all of the costs and consequences thoroughly." [Houston Chronicle]


Your Extreme Pogo Stick Tricks Interlude:

NASCAR? Going green?: "Of course, these efforts will not alter the essence of a sport that celebrates fast cars that burn copious amounts of gasoline, a fact that has led many critics to accuse Nascar of greenwashing, or claiming unfairly to be environmentally friendly. But many who work in Nascar say that reducing and recycling are imperative precisely because so much waste is produced, and if money can be saved in the process, all the better." [New York Times]


The Diamondbacks: "This latest systematic dismantling brought them another inch closer to the postseason, their magic number dropping to seven with 14 games to go. They maintained their 8 1/2-game lead over the San Francisco Giants in the NL West." [Arizona Republic]

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