Second Mile's Insurance Company Wants Nothing To Do With Jerry Sandusky

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You know you are having a bad year when even an insurance company looks at you with that "yeeesh" look. Well, that is essentially what attorneys for Federal Insurance—the company that insures Second Mile—did in their recently filed lawsuit in federal court in Williamsport. The complaint argues that Federal Insurance should not have to pay legal expenses or fees for Sandusky because it "would be wrong...because he is accused of conduct that did not involve his position as an executive or employee of The Second Mile, a charity for at-risk youth he founded in 1977."


Perhaps Federal Insurance has not read the grand jury presentment in its entirety—one could argue that coach Sandusky is accused of conduct that is at the very heart, and possibly the sole purpose, of the "charity for at-risk youth he founded in 1977." Semantics notwithstanding, Federal is requesting that the Court declare it has no obligation to pay for Mr. Sandusky's criminal defense fees and further requests that it not be required to indemnify him for any civil or criminal claims as a result of the accusations.

In support of its position, Federal's complaint argued that "[e]xtending insurance coverage to Sandusky is unlawful because providing insurance coverage for claims arising from sexual assault, molestation, and/or abuse of minors is repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy."

Super lawyer Joe Amendola responded in his typically simple and to the point manner, complete with facepalm-inducing mental imagery: "I can say it's not unexpected that the insurance carrier would attempt to get out from under representing Jerry." Maybe the good counselor should concern himself not with pointing out the bodies trying to squirm away from Jerry but, rather, the unfortunate circumstance of having a client on the wrong side of the "repugnant" equation with an insurance company.

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