SEE IT: Parachuter lands in the middle of Polish soccer game, draws yellow card

Well… that wasn’t supposed to happen, but it’s probably better than hitting a tree?

A parachuter landed in the middle of a soccer game in Poland.
A parachuter landed in the middle of a soccer game in Poland.
Screenshot: Guardian

Planned parachuters are a staple at some sporting events over here in the U.S. I saw one a few years ago at a college game. If you’ve been to any outdoor football game, chances are you’ve seen one too. It’s a pregame event that’s actually exciting and requires a fair amount of precision from the skydivers.


This, though, was not planned or executed properly. I mean, what the hell is going on here?

In a fifth-tier Polish soccer match between two teams you have definitely heard of before — ZKS Olimpia Elbląg and Pisa Primavera Barczewo — a rogue parachuter landed in the middle of the field, delaying the game and drawing a laugh from some spectators.

Yes, actually. You can watch the bizarre encounter below.

I have a lot of questions. But the big one is: how is everyone so calm? Someone literally just flew out of the sky and there’s no gasp from the fans or players. What? Sounds totally normal.

The only thing you can hear from the clip is the whistle and crowd laughing when the ref walked over to give the skydiver a yellow card. Which, admittedly, is hilarious.

I also have no idea why this person thought landing in the middle of an active soccer game would be a good idea. They probably didn’t. But I guess a semi-crowded pitch is a better option than in a residential area or, you know, crashing. No one wants to see that.


Notice the GoPro on the helmet of the parachuter, too. I’d like to see the angle from that camera. Wouldn’t you?

Release the footage, Skydiver! We’re waiting.