SEE IT: Tom Brady’s chair made for press conference magic

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Screenshot: NFL

Tom Brady has done thousands of press conferences in his lifetime. He has not, however, ever experienced one that went quite like his media availability today during Super Bowl week.

After being asked a question about New England and the support he and Gronkowski seem to be receiving from the region, his chair suddenly had a mind of it’s own.


With his arms crossed, the chair just … skyrocketed, all on its own. At least, that’s how it appeared. Perhaps it was an odd camera issue that I’m not aware of, but the optics were hilarious nonetheless. And then, with the comedic timing of a standup legend, it just magically, slowly, appeared to lower back down to its original position. It was like some weird knockoff of the ascension of football Jesus or something.

I am beyond fortunate that my microphone was muted, because I almost choked on my coffee I was laughing so hard. As you would expect, the unflappable Brady never blinked, never broke his verbal stride, and continued to answer the question with the poise of a seasoned professional. More hilariously, nobody asked him about it for the rest of the press conference. I am so disappointed that I was not called on, because I absolutely would have.


Nothing shakes Tom Brady. Nothing. He’ll carry that ice cold, laser focus into Sunday, as a guy that’s been to the mountaintop more than anyone else.