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Selena Roberts On Verge Of Becoming More Despised Than A-Rod

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Selena Roberts' Alex Rodriguez tell-all finally hits the bookshelves today, but all the goodwill she received from her journalism colleagues after breaking the steroid story to end all steroid stories has completely vanished.


So why the sudden shift? Joe Girardi has an excuse because Bitch Tits plays for him and , regardless of how wretched he thinks Bitch Tits is, he can't say that in public. Some of the main disputes of the book are that anonymous sources and hearsay are used to prove once and for all that Bitch Tits is the most Deplorable Human Being To Ever Play Professional Baseball. And one of the other issues gnawing at people is that Roberts was part of the New York Times smear campaign against the Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape. Our best friend Jason Whitlock does a fine job isolating this fact.

But one of the writers most upset about the publishing of her book — calling it a 272-page blog post — is young Kyle Munzenrieder of the Miami New Times. Unlike the other journalists and bloggers picking at Roberts, Munzenrieder actually does have a personal problem with her. You see, Munzenrieder was the heroic blogger who introduced the world to the infamous "7th Floor Crew" back in 2005. Roberts, still untarnished by the lure of gossip-heavy journalism at that point, harshly criticized Kyle and "college sports' growing Internet paparazzi" in a column for the NY Times.

Here's the lede paragraph from that piece:

FORGIVE the Miami student blogger named Kyle, as his eyelids are as heavy as a convertible's ragtop. Controversy creationism is exhausting.

It's somewhat ironic that Roberts is being accused of the same "controversy creationism" that she was so appalled by back in 2005. No word on how heavy her eyelids are at this point into her whirlwind media tour.

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