We’ve all been there. Stuck in a room with coworkers or classmates, coerced into participating in some cheesy team-building exercise by a frothily manic leader seemingly halfway through an eight ball, trying to preserve some shred of dignity while feigning just enough engagement not to get yelled out.

Just be glad that you, unlike these poor players for Billericay Town, a club in England’s seventh division, weren’t forced to belt out R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest” by team owner/manager Glenn Tamplin. Then be glad that you weren’t in the room when he commanded them to “fucking rip out the heart” of their enemy.

Sorry, man, we can’t help you

Though to be fair, the club did go on to win the cup final Tamplin’s speech was meant to gin them up for. They may not be the world’s, but they did prove to be the Isthmian League’s greatest.

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