Senators Player Autographs Reply To "Twitter Troll"

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Way back in November, Adnan, an editor at Sens blog Silver Seven, offered up a snarky tweet about Ottawa defenseman Marc Methot. It wasn't particularly mean, and it didn't include Methot's Twitter handle, but Methot, presumably searching for his name, noticed. He replied with the old "you've never played the game" bit and blocked Adnan. In most cases, that would have been the end of it.

But Methot dredged it up again in a radio interview earlier this month, making reference to "Twitter trolls" and all the negativity he has to deal with online. (Give Sens fans some benefit of the doubt—they have to deal with a lot of negativity in the standings.)

Methot appeared at a meet-and-greet event yesterday, and Kevin Lee of Bonk's Mullet was there. He brought along a printout of Methot's tweet reply to Adnan, and had him sign it.


Hatchet: buried. 'Em: laced up, bro.

Let this be a friendly reminder to fans to lay off athletes on Twitter, it just makes everyone look bad. (Not that Adnan crossed the line here.) And since that'll never happen, athletes— don't ever search your own name.