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A chest-to-chest staring match in the NBA actually popped off into a real actual fight tonight. The Raptors and Bulls don’t like each other, and in the third quarter with the Bulls up big, Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez got into it after Jimmy Butler nailed a jumper. Unlike most other incidents where players “get into it,” this one got real.

Lopez nearly got off a clean shot right in Ibaka’s face but missed, and Ibaka’s return shot caught Lopez a little on the ear. Both players were pulled apart after exchanging that pair of blows and were ejected following the fight.


Update, 11:32 p.m. EDT: Now that the dust has settled, here are postgame interviews from Ibaka and Lopez.

For the record, Brook is supporting Ibaka if there’s a next round.


Staff writer, Deadspin

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