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Sergei Bobrovsky Gives Good Lesson On How Not To Play Goaltender

The Sabres and Blue Jackets are mostly back from the all-star break tonight, but Columbus is still waiting on goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to return from his vacation. In Bobrovsky’s defense, facing top Buffalo goal-scorer Jeff Skinner on a breakaway is nobody’s idea of “easing back into it,” but the two-time Vezina-winning netminder looked like he totally forgot what ice was during the layoff, as he gave up his fourth goal in the game’s opening 21 minutes by bumbling backwards into the net when he tried and failed to stop a simple wrister.

Bobrovsky is currently in the midst of possibly his worst season yet. He better fix that leak and relearn that ice is slippery if he wants to redeem himself in the year’s second half.

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