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Seriously, They Still Use The Term "Gunslinger"

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Leave it to Monday Night Football to take a vintage Brett Favre moment, his overtime game-winning touchdown over the Broncos last night, and turn it into yet another exercise in overpromotion.

In other words: Sometimes we find ourselves rooting against Favre just to hear his apologists backtrack. Say what you will about Tony Kornheiser, but he was in full-on Favre orgasmic mode last night.

And how many times can the phrase "gunslinger" be used during a single broadcast? Answer: 637. I get it Tony. I really do. He tries to make crazy throws. But how about we just watch him play instead of taking turns attempting to make sweet love to his legend during a broadcast. (I think my favorite part of the broadcast was when Ron Jaworski was mentioning Jay Cutler's arm-strength yet again, and Tony Kornheiser accused him of having a mancrush on Cutler. Shortly after that, Kornheiser began to explain how good Brett Favre looks with his shirt off, and how he can solve global warming with one of his rocket, gunslinger passes.)


That said, the Packers are now 6-1 with four very winnable games coming up. Fortunately, none of them are on "Monday Night Football."

Monday Night Mancrush [Colorado Homers]

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